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Ascending Passage

In the Great Pyramid of Egypt the Ascending Passage is a narrow tunnel into the ancient House of Secrets. After a long climb it emerges into the sublime Grand Gallery that connects the King's and Queen's chambers - to stretch a metaphor - balancing the male and female energies and partaking in both. Ancient Egypt did balance the energies: Art, Science, Medicine, Architecture, all were based on the same core of Knowledge.

Ancient Egyptian art from the tomb of Rameses III.
Offerings to Pharaoh Ramesses III and Isis.
by Salvador Cherubini, 1832-1844

If we only see the Egyptians through modern eyes we miss half of the story - the most interesting half - because the spiritual understanding of these ancient people is as valid today as it was in the age of the pyramids.

So explore Ancient Egypt in a way neglected by conventional archeology. There are unexplained mysteries and secrets on one side, intense beauty and artistic achievement on another. There is a third side, something beyond the words and pictures, something only to be understood. It is this third side that is, after all, the true ascending passage.

the secret ascending passage
Map of the passages within the Great Pyramid.
from "la Description de l'Egypte",
the account of studies performed by scholars
who accompanied Napoleon to Egypt in 1798-9.
Many more etchings from this important work,
which is considered to be the beginning of modern Egyptology,
are included in this website.

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Dendera courtyard, upper Egypt, house of mysteries
The Temple of Hathor at Dendera, Egypt.
By David Roberts, 1841.
Look for more David Roberts paintings of Egypt throughout this website.

Ascending Passage
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